The Weekly Wave (4/27)
"Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional."
- Roger Crawford

LOUDOUN ATHLETES OF THE MONTH…Brennan Maxwell was selected as athlete of the month for February 2012 by Cheers Sports & VivaLoudoun. Each month, editor Dan Sousa selects the top high school athletes from across Loudoun. Congratulations to Brennan for being selected! Keep up the hard work.

HOLIDAY TRADITIONS…were great fun for all that attended. The
younger waves decoratedeggs and got to run around and find a bunch of hidden eggs around Mills. The older waves had the opportunity to solve puzzles and search around the lake and pavilion for hidden treasures. Thank you all who participated in the team’s seasonal tradition. It is always fun and hope more to participate next year.

SWIM-A-THON…went off this past weekend with the BLUE Crest, GREEN & BLUE Tide squads starting off the event at 5:00am. A little contest went on during their swim-a-thon. To see who could complete the 5000 first in each age-group:

  • 15 & Overs it was Nick Kost & Caroline Haines
  • 13-14’s it was Chris Davidson & Kayla Snider
  • 11-12’s it was Jackson Lucas & Rachel Mihalic

GREEN Crest, TYPHOONS and some GREEN Breakers participated in the subsequent sessions. Everyone either completed either the 200 or 100 lap markers.

The swimmers who completed all 200 laps:

  • Sophia McLain
  • Lauren Bowers
  • Taylor Asbell
  • Natalie Smithers
  • Valerie Chenault
  • Jordan Wenner
  • Hunter Prisbrey
  • Jack Lind
  • Sarah Akins
  • Grace Boyles
  • Nico Burbano
  • Jonathan Del Valle
  • Katie Herbstritt
  • Megan Marshall
  • Lizzy Thornton
  • Victoria Wong
  • Calvin Chenault
  • Trang Dinh
  • Taylor Harper
  • Rachel Mihalic
  • Elise Nguyen
  • Anthony Paz
  • Daniel Romano
  • Holly Williams
  • Dennis Yang
  • Caroline Haines
  • Nick Kost
  • Danny Marron
  • Megan Thiede
  • Michael Kost
  • Megan Patterson
  • Kayla Snider
  • Chris Davidson
  • Jackson Lucas

68 total team members participated in this annual event and we have raised almost $11,000 at this point and we still have more letters coming in. Coach Kira has placed the donation slips from people who have graciously donated to the team on your behalf. Please make sure to send out a thank you letter as soon as possible. There is a sample letter online under the Swim-A-Thon page or just click here. You can also see how much people have graciously donated on your behalf by clicking here.

TEAM BANQUET…is coming up on Saturday, May 12th.  Invitations have gone out and need to be back in ASAP. This has always been a lot of great fun for the team.  Make sure you are there. Click here for more details.

ASHBURN VILLAGE 5K…was great this past weekend.  
Some of us took on the 5K and some parents on the team took on the 10K.  It was a bit cooler as some of us had a case of the chattering teeth but all in all it was a good day for a run.  Congratulations to Ellie Desmond for taking 3rd overall in the women's catagory!
I attempted to find everyone’s results if I missed yours please let me know.



   Place Num   Name                 Age Hometown              Gun Tim Net Tim Pace  
  ===== ===== ==================== === ===================== ======= ======= =====       
     7   348 Anthony Paz           13 Ashburn VA              22:21   22:16  7:10 
      8   346 Daniel Romano         14 Ashburn VA              22:23   22:19  7:11 
     13   144 Nick Kost             17 Ashburn VA              23:44   23:38  7:37 
     14   145 Michael Kost          14 Ashburn VA              23:45   23:39  7:37 
     17    81 Alexander Vanik       13 Ashburn VA              24:06   24:00  7:44 
    151   300 Ellen Desmond          9 Ashburn VA              24:35            
     26   339 Chris Davidson        14 Ashburn VA              25:40   25:33  8:14 
     33   297 Michael Kraeuter      36 Reston VA               26:36   26:28  8:32 
     38   315 Nick Baker             8 Ashburn VA              27:16   26:50  8:39 
     21   320 Taylor Harper         12 Ashburn VA              27:26   27:23  8:49 
     22   116 Kayla Snider          14 Leesburg VA             27:30   27:27  8:50 
     25   351 Dana Korotovskikh     10 Ashburn VA              28:08   28:06  9:03 
     26   126 Natalie Smithers      10 Ashburn VA              28:09   28:07  9:03 
     27   342 Morgan Myers           9 Ashburn VA              28:09   28:08  9:04 
     28   305 Katie Winklosky       10 Ashburn VA              28:09   28:08  9:04 
     31   123 Trang Dinh            11 Ashburn VA              28:41   28:37  9:13 
     57   408 Elizabeth Mandrgoc    13 Ashburn VA              30:52   30:50  9:56 
     66   403 Elise Nguyen          11 Ashburn VA              31:37   31:32 10:09 
     80   306 Nicole Winklosky       8 Ashburn VA              33:01   32:38 10:30 


Ashburn Village 10K and 5K


10K Men 10K Men by Division 10K Women 10K Women by Division First Time Racers 10K Searchable/Age Graded 10K 5K Men 5K Men by Division 5K Women 5K Women by Division First Time Racers 5K Searchable/Age Graded 5K

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR MARCH SWIMMERS OF THE MONTH...Jackson Lucas, Sophia McLain, and Sabine Soong. Write-ups will be up soon. Write-ups for February Swimmers of the Month are up so check them out here.

FIRST LONG COURSE MEET OF THE SEASON…will be happening this weekend at Fairland Aquatic Center. We are looking forward to some fast long course swimming.

LONG COURSE MEET ENTRIES ARE AVAILABLE ON do look ahead to see what is available. Long course meets sometimes close early so we need to submit our entries promptly. The 50 m distance is the Olympic pool distance so swimmers can get a sense of what it’s like to compete on competitive swimming’s biggest stage. Long course pools place an emphasis on pure swimming ability; strength and size are significant factors in the short course season but are greatly diluted by the length of the long course pool and a minimal number of turns. Many younger or inexperienced swimmers achieve great long course success: first “A” or “BB” times are common “side effects” of the long course season. There is only one more opportunity to swim a long course meet to qualify for the upcoming championship meets and the entries are DUE next week so take a long course plunge and see what the summer season is all about and swim like an OLYMPIAN!  

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail Coach Mike.