The Weekly Wave (12/16)
“When a man has put a limit on what he will do, he has put a limit on what he can do.”
-Charles Schwab

TOM DOLAN INVITATIONAL…saw some of the areas fastest swimming at the Eppley Natatorium - University of Maryland.  It was a great opportunity to swim at the meet, A total of 12 Team records were broken and we came in 20th out of 25 teams matching our placing from the previous year. Everyone who had the opportunity to compete at this meet did very well. Stepping up to the competition and giving your all. 
  • Jackson Lucas earned his spot in SILVER LEVEL with 2179 points
9 others bettered their previous IMX Challenge Scores:
  • Elise Nguyen (2718)
  • Megan Patterson (2173)
  • Taylor Harper (2100)
  • Justin Lee (1836)
  • Rachel Mihalic (1830)
  • Natalie Smithers (1705)
  • Allie Macmillan (1426)
  • LIzzy Thornton (1322)
  • Taylor Asbell (846)
The color is associated with the CLUB TSUNAMI level they have already achieved.
We Broke 11 Individual Team Records:
  • Elise Nguyen broke both 9-10 girls IM records. She lowered the 100 IM record by over 2 seconds with a 1:13.22 and shaved just over a second off the 200 IM record with a 2:40.79.
  • Trace Wall broke the 9-10 boys 100 Fly record which was just set last week taking over 4 seconds off with a time of 1:25.62
  • Megan Patterson re-broke her previous record in the 11-12 50 Back by taking a almost a second off with a 31.23. She also took down a 5 year old record in the 50 Fly with a 30.10
  • Jackson Lucas is cleaning up the 11-12 boys’ side of record board this season, grabbing 6 records total at this meet. He took down the 100 free record with a 59.33 and the 200 free record with a 2:08.28 each were 4 years old. Jackson bettered his previous record in the 500 Free by 17 seconds with a 5:43.21. He took almost a second off his 50 back record with a 31.36.  He crushed the 3 year old 100 back record by over 2 seconds with a 1:06.73. Last but not least, he claimed the 5 year old 200 IM record by a little over a second with a 2:26.50.
We Broke 1 Team Relay Record
  • The boys 10 & Under 200 Medley Relay team made up of Ethan Krauss, Justin Lee, Jack Zapp and Trace Wall broke the relay just set a week ago by 9 seconds with a 2:33.18.
Our Top 16 finishers
  • Elise Nguyen: 10&U 50 Breast-13th,100 Breast 15th, 100 Fly-8th, 100 IM-6th, 200 IM-10th
  • Jackson Lucas: 11-12 100 Back-10th
The Following Swimmers Achieved Time Standard Improvements:
  • Taylor Harper: A-100 Fly
  • Heather Herbstritt: A-100 Free, 100 Back; AA-50 Free, 50 Back
  • Dana Korotovskikh: AA-100 Fly
  • Ethan Krauss: A-50 Back
  • Justin Lee: A-100 Back; A-IM & Fly
  • Jackson Lucas: AA-100, 200 & 500 Free, 50 & 100 Back; A-50 Fly; AA-IM
  • Allie MacMillan: A-100 Back
  • Rachel Mihalic: A-100 Fly
  • Elise Nguyen: AA-100 Breast; AAA-100 IM, 100 Fly
  • Megan Patterson: A-200 IM; AA-100 Fly
  • Natalie Smithers: A-100 Back; AA-50 Back
  • Trace Wall: A-50 & 100 Back

Ones in BOLD are the first time standard improvement for that event discipline.

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NOVEMBER SWIMMMER’S OF THE MONTH…Isabella Van Ess, Jack Zapp & Kate Donati were all selected as Swimmers of the Month. Click here to read why. Keep up the great work!

HOLIDAY BOWLING PARTY…is this weekend and we are looking forward to some fun time bowling and hanging out with the team. If you are participating in the Secret Snowman please make sure to bring your gift to the party. See you there this Saturday.